About Me

Lighting Cameraman & Director of Photography

Obsessed with drawing at a young age, Mark was always interested in expressing his creative ideas visually.

With side steps into an engineering degree and a career in education, he used an impending trip around the world to return to these creative roots. Finally finding the time and money to buy his first ‘real’ camera and learn what an ‘f-stop’ actually was. A love affair was born.

It wasn’t long before he was exploring every possible branch of photography, from shooting vintage large format film cameras and processing in the darkroom, to filming his first shaky frames of video.

These creative forays soon coalesced around the need to use imagery to tell stories. A skill which was honed further whilst training as a photojournalist.

A decade later the love affair continues. Pushing forward with new ideas and new technology as a pretext to meeting new people, visiting new places and discovering new stories to tell.

When not hard at work, he can be found filling in the gaps in his personal experience, from perfecting his sourdough baking to learning new languages. His latest challenge is trying to get to grips with writing nice things about himself in the third person.